Thursday, 27 September 2012

Choose Beautiful Hairstyles for Your Bridesmaids

The bride, goes without mentioning, is the one who is most concerned about her looks and hairstyles but the bridesmaids are also not far behind. Being the friends of the star of the occasion, they to do all that they can to look as pretty as the bride, in a positive way, of course. Just as shoes and jewelry, bridesmaid hairstyle is an essential complement for her wardrobe, and because of this, many times,finding the perfect hairstyle can be a very difficult task.

The hairstyles for bridesmaids are also as important as the bride. They can either sport different hairstyles or all of them can decide on one common hairdo and sport the same. There are also times when the bridesmaids sport a similar hairdo as the bride. The great variety offered by the professional stylist about bridesmaid hairstyles is very extensive so it is worth taking time to find the perfect hairstyle.

The first hairstyles that you, my dear bridesmaid, can opt for are the updos.The first styles of updos that you can opt for this year are the chignons which combine between traditionalism and modernity. Besides, you can sport any style of the twisted updo hairstyles. Besides these and those, there's a wide range of buns in front of you to pick from and wear such as: the side swept buns, low buns, mid-height buns, high buns, messy buns and others. The second bridesmaid hairstyles on my list today are the braided hairstyles. You can opt for any style of them starting from the classy and tidy braided updos to the soft and simple braids such as; the French, milkmaid, fishtail, classic or any other style.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Aqua Blue Bridesmaid Dresses


This is an amazing shade of bright aqua that's fabulous for summer weddings. It's a fun summery colour and when combined with other amazing shades of bright reds, pinks and yellow like in the image creates a look of real excitement and joy.

Bright bold colours are best suited to warmer skin tones as they can make paler skin appear a bit wishy washy so if you have some bridesmaids with fair skin why not treat them to a good quality spray tan.

The last thing you want is them looking orange and patchy attempting to do it themselves.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Your Event, Her Style: Dress Your Bridesmaids

We provide a large selection of beautiful wedding bridesmaid dresses in various styles and colors. Red, black, white, yellow, blue, pink, can find a suitable one to complete the look for your bridal fashion.Our bridesmaid dresses starting at £ 49.00.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Pink-Themed Bridal Shower

Who says bridal showers have to be ho-hum? Modern brides are spicing up an age-old tradition by incorporating their favorite colors, places or interests. 
Are you a bridesmaid? Made a bridal shower which is not only beautiful, but fun with the other bridesemiads. A elaborate bridal shower can filled with steal-worthy activities, special moments.
Many girls loved anything pink growing up (and still do!)So Pink-Themed Bridal Shower is here.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

6 Hot Bridesmaid Dresses

The days of bridesmaids wearing ugly dresses with poufy sleeves are long gone (thankfully!). These days, it's all about having your girls look just as glamorous as you. Here are some of the best -- and brightest -- looks to get you inspired for your big day.

Green with Envy

This brand-new style from Vera Wang's bridesmaid collection is a fresh take on her classic looks. The style is simple, but the eye-popping green-apple color will ensure yours bridesmaids get noticed.

Barely There

Be daring! Despite the nearly nude color on this Amsale gown, the choice is a bold one, since your maids will be in a color pretty similar to your own. Don't worry: We've seen weddings with this combo and the bride still stands out just fine.

Contagious in Canary

This dress is perfect for just about any skin tone, but looks especially great on darker ones. The georgette fabric will keep your girls cool, and you can't help but smile with a color like canary yellow.

Red Hot

Yours bridesmaids will look stunning in this long satin halter dress from Priscilla of Boston. And what's best of all about this one?

Sweet as Can Be

The name says it all, this plum dress from Melissa Sweet has a traditional cut to the front, with a bit of playfulness in the back. The low scoop and flowers keep the dress modern, without it being too flashy.

Pretty in Pink

Sometimes it's best not to mess with tradition. We love this dress from Amsale, because it's everything a bridesmaid dress should be: classically pretty and understated with just enough detailing to make sure your girls stand out from the crowd.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Dress Your Bridesmaids in the Same Color

Although more and more people prefer to dress their bridesmaids in unique way, different dress styles and even different colors. It seams that the bridesmaids also want to looks the best on the big day, but we should not forget that, it is the bride who is the real protagonist. That's why we can also find so many bridesmaid dresses in the same color, even not in the same length or style. Here I make a collection of bridesmaid dresses in the same color.



Monday, 17 September 2012

Magic Dress Bridesmaid UK

Welcome to our! Here you will find many tips and ideas for your bridesmaids. Also many funny wedding photographs from real weddings.