Monday, 29 October 2012

Short Bridesmaid Dresses with Belts That I Love

So many styles can be chosen, but short bridesmaid dresses with belts is my favourite!

The Nannette features a strapless bodice with slight sweetheart neckline, princess seams, boning and bust cups. The A-line skirt with box pleats falls just above the knee. The dress is fully lined with hidden side seam pockets and center back zip closure. Detachable sash is included.

The Alexa features a strapless silhouette, a delicately ruched bodice and a slight sweetheart neckline. The bodice is fully boned and has bust cups. A thin elastic band along the neckline provides additional support. The lightly gathered A-line skirt falls just above the knee. Dress is fully lined with center back zip closure. Detachable sash is included.

The Farrah features a flattering halter neckline and ruched bodice. The halter includes bust cups and a delicate elastic band along the neckline for additional support. The lightly gathered A-line skirt falls just above the knee. Dress is fully lined and has a center back zip closer. Detachable sash is included.

Want to see more? Just click the photo below:

Friday, 26 October 2012

Maid of Honor Speech: Dos and Don'ts

Your best friend asked you to be the maid of honor at her wedding. It's the most important role in the bridal party and should be taken very seriously. Besides the bridesmaid dresses, you also should think about the speech you must give and maybe you will start to get nervous. What do you say? What if you make a fool of yourself? Here's your complete guide to the maid of honor's toast -- what to say, when to say it, and how to get rid of those nervous butterflies.

1. Treat this duty with respect, and you'll wow the crowd with your speech -- whether it's heartfelt or hilarious. To avoid too many nerves or worries on the day begin preparing your speech as soon as you have been asked to be the Maid of Honor. If you start this early then it can be finished and practised weeks before the wedding date arrives.

2. Maid of Honor speeches follow the Best Man's speech and you certainly don't want to flounder and embarrass yourself by not having anything prepared. This is your time to show the appreciation of the friendship you have with the Bride and also to wish her well in her marriage. The Best Man will have mainly concentrated on the Groom in his speech and so it is now your turn to say something about the Bride.

3. Avoid Negative or Embarrassing Stories. You should also avoid stories involving drunk, high or deviant behavior. It's definitely not appropriate for the setting. The goal of your speech is to celebrate a friendship and a new marriage, not to air your friend's dirty laundry.

4. Stay Calm, Cool & Collected.Take deep breaths. Think pleasant thoughts. Maybe have a glass of wine, but don't overdo it. You definitely want to avoid that drunken honor attendant cliche. Remember, when it's all over, you get to party hardy. Speak slowly, and no, no one's going to care that your hands are shaking.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Choose Clutchs for Your Bridesmaids Gifts

Gathered clutch in lush textured fabric roomy enough for all the essentials! Rosette fabric clutch with jeweled clasp.

Posh gathered clutch in rich matte satin fabric matches many of the Dessy colors. A wonderful gift for your bridesmaids or yourself! Small interior pocket and optional silver chain handle.

Crocheted lace pill box bridal clutch with small interior pocket. Ships with pale gray print dust cover.

Vintage look dupioni trapezoid frame clutch with jeweled clasp and optional silver chain handle adds glam to any ensemble. Ships with pale gray print dust cover.

Silk Faille twist knot clutch in bridesmaid colors.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Rehab Bridesmaid Dress to a New Dress

So, the question still remains…can you really wear that bridesmaid dress again? We've all either been in weddings or have been to weddings, and the bridesmaid gowns aren't always the most chic or flattering. Well, I'm here to tell you that you can definitely wear that dress again! Katherine Heigl should have read this post instead of coveting all those 27 Dresses in her NYC apartment closet.

This dress is a traditional Filipino butterfly sleeved one, which is pretty much a sight to behold. Bright pink, and big, ole puffy sleeves.

We could have used material to brew coffee after! Post-sleeve fix, I worked on removing the bodice from the skirt, to turn this into two separate pieces. Since it won't work again as a dress, we're getting crafty and repurposing into a completely different piece. The stitches around the waist were removed and the dress turned into two pieces! Next, the raw edges at the bottom of the bodice got pinned under and then sewn in place.

The neckline was given a little cinch and pinch, where by cinching the bust area and pinning a safety pin in place, a bit of ruching is created and in just a few easy steps, you can go from frockalicious to super chic and have something appropriate for day…or night with just some accessory changes!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Cute, Cuter, Corsages for Bridesmaids

Until recently the corsage was considered to be incredibly outdated and way too traditional to be in fashion. However with the rise of the vintage trend, this lovely wrist or chest adornment has quickly gained favour and lately we've been seeing it everywhere. Many brides choose a corsage instead of bouquet as it leaves your hands free to interact with guests and truly enjoy the day without feeling restricted. If you're not exactly excited about the idea of chucking your bouquet, why not let your bridesmaids wear corsages instead of bouquets?

These days there are plenty of innovative ways to give the humble wrist corsage a breathtaking face lift:

• Instead of carrying a single clump of flowers on your wrist, ask your florist to design one that runs higher up your arm, even to your elbow if you like.
• Have your designer make a fabric corsage using the same type of fabric as used for your bridesmaid dress. When done correctly, this can be incredibly striking.
• Forget the flowers and rather wear a fabric rosette or two.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Bridesmaid Dresses Also Can Be White

This is somewhat of a debate, but it always says that if you are not the bride it is rude to wear white. I think white bridesmaid dresses can really work, but only if there's enough contrast between the maids dresses and the wedding dress.

Magic Dress offers 3 styles white dresses for your bridesmaids. Which one is better for you?

Monday, 15 October 2012

2 Ways to Accessorize the Same Bridesmaid Dress

You've got the bridesmaid dress, but what now? Here will show you how to take the same dress and accessorize it in two totally different ways, proving that you can make it work with no matter what your unique wedding style is like.

Classic vs. Modern 


When it comes to weddings, some people love to follow all the timeless traditions while others can't wait to shake things up. Your bridesmaids' style should be no exception. This stunning red dress from Melissa Sweet can be made modern, just as easily as it can look classically inspired.

Urban vs. Country


Even if you're now a globe-trotting jetsetter, weddings are a great excuse to get back to your roots. Embrace your love of the countryside and opt for something feminine and delicate. Or, go with a style that's edgy and dark -- perfect if you're throwing a wedding in a large city. Either way, this gorgeous blue dress from Alfred Angelo will match.

Boho vs. Hollywood

Giving your girls a long, flowy dress, like this one by Amsale? You can easily dress the look up for a glamorous evening, or keep things eclectic with fun accessories and gold accents.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

8 Things a Great Bridesmaid Should Do

It isn't always reality that the bridesmaids can take away all the stress of the wedding for the bride. But there are also some ideas on how the bridesmaids do to be a great bridesmaid.

1. Record gifts at the bridal shower (in legible handwriting).

2. Run out to pick up last-minute items on the wedding day.

3. Lend the bride a shoulder to cry on when the stress gets to be too much.

4. Spend the night before the wedding with the bride to talk, laugh, and calm the bride's nerves.

5. Give the bride (but gentle) opinions as you try on dresses.

6. Offer to do bride hair and makeup on the wedding day.

7. Start dancing to get the reception crowd up.

8. Text you post-honeymoon for drinks on Thursday always.

Monday, 8 October 2012

How to Pick Your Bridesmaids

Did you know in Roman times bridesmaids were originally included in wedding ceremonies to confuse evil spirits as to which young lass was actually becoming a Mrs.?

Let's start with the must-haves in your retinue: family. Whether you make your sister your maid of honor is really up to you, but unless little sister did something much worse than ruin your favorite Delia's top in seventh grade, stick her in the lineup. As a corollary, unless you're marrying a child of the Duggars and have 25 future-sisters-in-law to contend with, it's safe to assume that all of your fiance's sisters should also automatically get the bid.

You want to be surrounded by people who understand you and who will make you the best version of yourself once you walk down that aisle. The best bridesmaids can help you wiggle into your dress, keep you from bursting into tears and apply expert lip gloss while still recording everything for posterity on their iPhones.You can pick one friend from each stage of your life (high school, college, work, etc), you can limit it just to family members. But as someone who has been through this process and survived, I can offer this sage advice: Pick who will make you the happiest on your big day.