Monday, 28 January 2013

2013 Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Gone are the days of ill-fitting pastel dresses and where-does-this-go satin sashes; bridesmaids are about to shine. 2013 Bridal Market wasn't a bold gown trend or something Vera Wang did (like black wedding dresses) - but instead, a recurring theme in bridesmaid dresses. And that theme is that your maids are about to steal the show. From peplums to illusion necklines, popular wedding gown details are making their way to bridesmaids. Sorry, brides!

Peplum & Lace
The peplum is a hot trend this year in women's fashion, so it is a natural progression to find it in bridesmaid's dresses as well. Hugely popular for bridal gowns this spring, pretty peplums add both oomph and poise to your bridesmaid dresses. Asymmetric skirts will add extra interest to a simple dress. Ruffles and pleats in delicate chiffon will add a soft touch and feminine look to your dress.

Convertible Dress

Convertible Dress
Convertible dress is still a very popular option in the 2013 bridesmaid dress trends. Personally I love this option. Each of your bridesmaids are unique and they rarely ever agree on the same dress. So to get the best of all possible worlds, the convertible dress is it!  Pick the color, length, and in some cases styling and the rest is a wrap – literally.

Illusion Neckline and Lace
Wondering what an illusion neckline is? You are probably not alone. An illusion neckline is a sheer piece of fabric that lays over a gown giving the appearance of a high neckline but with a hint of skin showing through. Throughout 2012 and 2013 bridal gowns are being made with illusion necklines and, to my delight, are now showing up in bridesmaid gowns. Lace dresses are another trend for 2013 in bridesmaid dresses. Lace is a fantastic option for a vintage inspired wedding, but will fit just as well into a contemporary celebration. Small lace elements or a total lace dress, 2013 bridesmaid dress tends take a vintage element and make it modern. You will love the pairing of a lace bridesmaid dress with an illusion neckline! Dramatic, sexy and very popular for Spring, illusion necklines and lace add intrigue to these new looks for bridesmaids.

Being the key element of Vera Wang's bridesmaid dress collection, the one-shoulder trend is popping up all over the bridesmaid scene. One-shoulder styles have been shown en masse for wedding dresses, but only recently have they hit it big in bridesmaids. Short, long, in all shades of the rainbow, if this style appeals to you, you will have plenty to select from.

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