Monday, 25 February 2013

Unique Bridesmaid Dress Ideas: Burlap and Stains

I just got to see those two picture from real wedding pictures, which make an impression, do you agree with me? Aren't they unique? Especially considering the cotton bridesmaid flowers, maybe you can try it in autumn.

cotton bridesmaid flowers

Or the stains bridesmaid dresses which make the bridal dress more outstanding? And if you want a countryside wedding, both of them are all you perfect choice.

stains bridesmaid dresses

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Consider Adding a Junior Bridesmaid

Having a Junior Bridesmaid is going to add to the fun of your big day. It's a great way to help a young lady start her journey into womanhood. It will also help you build a nurturing relationship and be a great example of love.A Junior Bridesmaid is very different from a traditional flower girl. Most are typically between the ages of 8-12, or what you might consider the tween years. She walks down the aisle with the other maids wearing a dress that's perhaps not as sophisticated as the other dresses. She can be involved in planning the shower and lend a hand with other prewedding tasks. She'll probably get a kick out of being treated like a big kid.

Junior Bridesmaids

Junior Bridesmaid Wear

The best bridesmaid dress styles look good on ladies of all ages -- hopefully you'll be able to find one that's appropriate for everyone. If the bridesmaid dresses are on the sexy side, consider having a seamstress create a more youthful version. Big girl dresses are cut for big girl bodies. You would be better off allowing her to get a dress from a department store than trying to alter a bridesmaid dress. Otherwise, check out stores that carry bat mitzvah party, sweet sixteen, or QuinceaneraDresses.

Junior Bridesmaids in summer wedding

If there's one thing your Junior Bridesmaid doesn't want it's to look like a "baby", so flower girl dresses are definitely out. Believe it or not this may be the first time this young lady has worn such dressy attire. For example, this might be the first time she has worn dress shoes and you may need to teach her how to scuff the bottoms . As silly as it seems, you may even need to show her how a lady sits in a nice outfit.

junior bridesmaids duties in detail

Her Duties in Detail

1. While junior bridesmaids are not expected to give showers, they should plan to attend and help out with cleaning up, favormaking, and more.
2. At bride's request, go wedding gown shopping and give input (especially if the junior bridesmaid is a sister or daughter).
3. Walk down the aisle in the procession, and stand at the altar/stage along with the other attendants.
4. Attend the ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Help out the ushers by seating guests.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Best Gifts to Make for the Bridesmaids

These home made gifts are perfect your bridesmaids and include pictured tutorials for jewelry, a cosmetic bag, spa items, lip balm, apron, flat iron cozy and slippers.

Charming Bookmarks ~ Create these beautiful bookmarks from junk jewelry or mismatched jewelry and ribbon.  You could even use some family heirloom jewelry to attach to the ribbon.  Pair it with a book and you have a fabulous gifts.

Homemade Lip Balm ~ Leave your lips feeling smooth and hydrated with this fabulous homemade chap stick tutorial.  Some of the moisturizing ingredients include beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter.

Homemade Heating Packs with Lavender ~ This simple sewing project makes a useful get well gift, and you can customize it with your choice of aromatherapy for a little extra indulgence.  My preference is lavender, but you can also add mint, eucalyptus, or cloves.

Polishing Skin Scrub ~ Whip up a batch of this sugar based skin scrub/polish for yourself or for a gift! Results include soft knees, elbows, heels and anywhere else!  There’s only two ingredients so it's super simple to make!

Friday, 1 February 2013

The Hottest Bridesmaid Dress Color for 2013

Bright and Bold

Pretty candy and pastel colors have always been very popular choices for bridesmaids. From frothy fresh greens, sweet shades of pink to luscious lemons and lovely lilacs, think sherbet shades for a spring wedding. This sweet maize colored dress will certainly give you day a golden glow! The trick is to play up your bridesmaids' best features and work with the colors which suit them. If you want to take the brights theme a step further, then step out in color contrasting shoes. Try green shoes with a yellow dress, turquoise with hot pink... and so on.

Ombre bridesmaid dresses


Fancy putting your bridesmaids in pink? To work the ombre theme, choose dresses in shades from the deepest dark burgundy all the way up to a classic rose pink... and whatever you fancy in between. Ombre is set to be a real trend in 2013. It's not exactly a color, more a graduated series of shades of the same color and it's a perfect idea for a wedding theme too.


The colour of the sky and the sea, blue is big this year. All shades of blue from light azure to darker ultramarine, turquoise, teal and aqua, all feature on bridesmaid dresses for 2013.


If you simply can't choose a colour for your maids, a metallic dress in simple shades of graphite, silver, bronze or soft gold could be the ideal option.

For all those color, search LuckBridal Bridesmaid Dresses online.