Monday, 16 September 2013

Spring 2014 Wedding Inspiration: Hemlock

Spring 2014 Wedding Inspiration
Spring 2014 Wedding Inspiration

Today's lovely green, Hemlock. It's similar to mint, and goes with almost anything! I absolutely LOVE it paired with Radiant Orchid, as I have done here - the two colours really bring the other alive. I am excited to see the reaction to this one. In the last while I've been noticing a drift toward the pairing of pale green and blue, and even though Dazzling Blue is the lead colour for this collection, the combination of Placid Blue and Hemlock is my tip for the perfect contemporary wedding look and one I think we'll be seeing quite a bit of in 2014. It's such a cool, fresh combination - so chilled and so elegant, and I love how it combines with elegant country details effortlessly, including lots of organic greens and blues.

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  1. This Hemlock shade looks like a gorgeous alternative colour for a bright but chilled wedding, and it looks like it photographs beautifully too! It could work with a number of styles. Take a look at Andy Mac's website for styles of photography that could complement and really bring out your wedding colour themes