Wednesday, 10 October 2012

8 Things a Great Bridesmaid Should Do

It isn't always reality that the bridesmaids can take away all the stress of the wedding for the bride. But there are also some ideas on how the bridesmaids do to be a great bridesmaid.

1. Record gifts at the bridal shower (in legible handwriting).

2. Run out to pick up last-minute items on the wedding day.

3. Lend the bride a shoulder to cry on when the stress gets to be too much.

4. Spend the night before the wedding with the bride to talk, laugh, and calm the bride's nerves.

5. Give the bride (but gentle) opinions as you try on dresses.

6. Offer to do bride hair and makeup on the wedding day.

7. Start dancing to get the reception crowd up.

8. Text you post-honeymoon for drinks on Thursday always.

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