Friday, 23 November 2012

Selecting The Perfect Bridesmaid Shoes

In today's modern weddings where the bridal party now pay for most or sometimes even all of their clothing, It may seem to be not as important as the bridesmaid dress, so is often overlooked but one of the biggest dilemmas when dressing bridesmaids is the shoe issue. Choosing the perfect shoes for the bridesmaids should not be left up just to the bride.

Choosing a fairly basic style which is universally flattering will compliment a much broader margin of body types. One should only consider character specific styles if the bridesmaids are very similar in looks and their appearance suits the concept. Enquire and observe if the shoe is available in a similar style with a different heel or a broader fit. Before you and your bridesmaids even get to the shoe store you and your bridesmaids need to discuss what types of shoes they are able to walk in. Remember that the most important thing about your bridesmaids shoes is that they should be comfortable to wear. If all of your bridesmaids are confident that they can wear a pair of heels without falling, you should seriously consider getting stilettos.

Just like you want the dresses your bridesmaids wear to compliment your wedding, your bridesmaids shoes should compliment the bridesmaids dresses. When you are shopping for the shoes ignore the color of the shoe and concentrate on the fabric instead. If your bridesmaids will be wearing satin dresses you will want to find shoes that are made out of some sort of shiny material or patent leather.

The next alternative to consider is matching the style of the shoe but specifying a different colour for each bridesmaid. This can have a beautiful affect in two ways. If all the bridesmaids are in different colour dresses of the same style it can look amazingly put together if the shoes of each happen to match the dress. On the other hand if the dresses are all the same, the shoes are all the same but each shoe a different colour it expresses just a touch of individuality which adds an extremely beautiful element to your presentation.

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