Thursday, 21 February 2013

Consider Adding a Junior Bridesmaid

Having a Junior Bridesmaid is going to add to the fun of your big day. It's a great way to help a young lady start her journey into womanhood. It will also help you build a nurturing relationship and be a great example of love.A Junior Bridesmaid is very different from a traditional flower girl. Most are typically between the ages of 8-12, or what you might consider the tween years. She walks down the aisle with the other maids wearing a dress that's perhaps not as sophisticated as the other dresses. She can be involved in planning the shower and lend a hand with other prewedding tasks. She'll probably get a kick out of being treated like a big kid.

Junior Bridesmaids

Junior Bridesmaid Wear

The best bridesmaid dress styles look good on ladies of all ages -- hopefully you'll be able to find one that's appropriate for everyone. If the bridesmaid dresses are on the sexy side, consider having a seamstress create a more youthful version. Big girl dresses are cut for big girl bodies. You would be better off allowing her to get a dress from a department store than trying to alter a bridesmaid dress. Otherwise, check out stores that carry bat mitzvah party, sweet sixteen, or QuinceaneraDresses.

Junior Bridesmaids in summer wedding

If there's one thing your Junior Bridesmaid doesn't want it's to look like a "baby", so flower girl dresses are definitely out. Believe it or not this may be the first time this young lady has worn such dressy attire. For example, this might be the first time she has worn dress shoes and you may need to teach her how to scuff the bottoms . As silly as it seems, you may even need to show her how a lady sits in a nice outfit.

junior bridesmaids duties in detail

Her Duties in Detail

1. While junior bridesmaids are not expected to give showers, they should plan to attend and help out with cleaning up, favormaking, and more.
2. At bride's request, go wedding gown shopping and give input (especially if the junior bridesmaid is a sister or daughter).
3. Walk down the aisle in the procession, and stand at the altar/stage along with the other attendants.
4. Attend the ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Help out the ushers by seating guests.

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